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“i can’t”

i hear these words sometimes far too often usually right before someone does exactly what they told me they couldn't do.

A lot of the movements in CrossFit appear on face value to be pretty complex and sometime's impossible. But like everything at CrossFit Iceni we break down all movements to their simplest form.

For example, no one is expected to be able to jump onto a 32” box jump the first time they walk into the gym. We break this down into simply jumping and landing something that we all did as children. With modern society and lifestyles we rarely perform this once daily movement.  Once we have got the basics sorted then we can progress onto the next stage of jumping onto plates only a few inches off the ground.

This is the same for everything at CrossFit Iceni. In CrossFit we call it virtuosity meaning getting the basics right first. keeping things simple as we believe simple is the most effective way of progressing.

We don't expect anyone by any means to be able to walk into to gym and be amazing at all movements this take time. All that we do ask is that you are willing to try and give every session 100%. and never say “i can’t”

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© 2021 Iceni Training
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