CrossFit Iceni Goals/Why do you do CrossFit


GOALS/Why do you do CrossFit

This is a question I have been asking our members today at the start of the classes. Whether the answer is fat loss, to look better, to be fitter for my job, training for a competition or just to generally be a better version of yourself. The one thing remains the same is that they are doing the same thing CrossFit.

A nice quote I heard once was “our needs vary not by kind but by degree” meaning we are all out for the same thing (to be better humans) but it's simply how far we want to go down that road.

I tell you now not many people train harder than a woman with her dream wedding dress in the back of her mind!

So why choose a CrossFit gym rather than your usual sit down type gym.

When you come into a gym like CrossFit Iceni for the first time the first thing people usually say is “where is everything?” With no lines of machines it’s hard to imagine what you can do with a few barbells, Kettlebells and some boxes.

When you come down to try a class for the first time you soon realize there is much more you can do with the space. Once the barbells are all lined up and loaded to your individual weights and people are running between the pull up rig and the bars and then squatting and throwing medicine balls to a target on the wall it all starts to make sense when you see sweat running of the faces of the people in the workout.

You look back at the old gym where you see people reading a book on the sit down bike (#‎nohate) and you start to understand why this training method works!

Yes CrossFit is hard work I will never lie to anyone about that but everything is relative and EVERYONE can do it. Everyone is at a different stage and everyone has different goals. Nothing in life is free you need to work for your health.

Every time you walk into a class at CrossFit Iceni you will be Guaranteed to have a coach that will tailor the workout to your goals and ability you will never be asked to do anything you can not do.

“Rome was not built in a day”

There are no shortcuts I say this a lot to people “baby steps” as long as you are working hard and you are committed to your goals you can't ask for anything more.

Doing something for the first time.

It is a huge thing making the step to go and try something new to step out of your comfort zone and walk into a place you have never been before. I commend anyone’s will to just try something new. It shows a lot about someone to make that step.

Don’t expect to try something for the first time and be a natural. When you first learned to walk what did you do? You fell over but then you got back up and eventually you learned to run and jump and swim! It’s the exact same for high skilled movements we practice at CrossFit Iceni Don’t expect miracles but with practice and the coaching provided it won’t be long until you get there.

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