CrossFit Iceni Cues to improve your squat.

If you're serious about improving your squat mechanics and how to squat more weight then you need to watch this video.

There is also a nice accessory exercise at the end. This is used to cue the mechanics with a lighter weight. Also without having to put a heavy bar on your bar. His main cue here is to let the knees come forward keep them forward as you drive up.

main cues to take away are:

1. keeping the weight in the mid foot. toes down. (between to big toes and the heel)
- far too often are people cued to push their weight back on their heels. yes your heel should be in contact with the ground but you this creates a shift in balance which causes you to excessively lean forward if you don't have good ankle and hip mobility.

2. Look forwards.
- not up. not down. straight ahead. again this helps you stay inline and more upright in the squat.

3. knees come forward over the toes.
- by allowing your knees to track forward and over the toes this always for a more upright body position.

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