CrossFit Iceni CrossFit Iceni at Battle of the Boxes

We could not be prouder of our amazing box for not just competing in Battle of the Boxes in Colchester but bringing a huge group of spectators too.





The day was great our team qualified in 58th and ended the day in 47th so a big improvement the team gave it everything there was blood and sweat thankfully no tears.

In WOD 1 Paul Batchelor hit 120kg Clean and Jerk PB which was great to see everyone behind him then Alan Elvin and Max Palmer finished the complexes after at the same weight.

WOD 2,3 and 4 was great seeing all the guys smash team Isobel was a highlight finishing one of the quickest in the heat. Then seeing them give it everything on the row to finish.





WOD 5 was great seeing Hannah Phillips and Elisa Rossi smashing through the synchro pull ups great gymnastic skills then below is Paul Batchelor and Hannah Phillips completing some synchro Overhead Squats.





It was awesome to see these guys competing and inspiring our other members and what was even better was seeing all the members that were there really getting behind the team it was a great day a big thanks to everyone involved!





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