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You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!


Iceni Training is the newest CrossFit affiliate gym in Colchester. We have a friendly, fun and inclusive atmosphere with top level coaching. You no longer need to worry about walking into a gym and not knowing what to do. We have coached classes throughout the day and a programme you can follow each week.

Whether you want to be fit for fun, for health, or to feel good, we want all our members to be confident and capable of taking on a range of challenges! Using CrossFit we help you achieve your fitness goals whilst making sure it’s enjoyable, even when it's tough.

We aim to provide a great facility and the best training environment that you will experience not just in Colchester, but anywhere. We pride ourselves on our incredible community (people just like you!) alongside great coaching that you will receive every time you walk into our gym.

Fall in love with training again - going to the gym should never be a chore but something you look forward to every single day. We have learned so much over the past five years of serving our members and we really believe we have something unique and special to offer everyone that walks through the door.

We love our gym, and we know you will too. Book in for a free trial and come join our tribe!

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  • Nothing I have done before compares to CrossFit everyone encourages each other through workouts and it’s such a great community to be a part of and the workouts leave you feeling you have achieved something.
  • CrossFit has such a great variety I’m never bored of training it’s literally the best thing I have ever done I love it!
  • Crossfit Iceni is in one word AMAZING from the Main workouts and personal training sessions to the atmosphere and the coaches, I just can't say where this box needs improving i am the sort of person that goes in and out of different fitness phases and normally after a few weeks I give up but not at Iceni!!! All day I think about training there and seeing the awesome people at the box and testing myself every day! I feel great and better than ever and Crossfit Iceni can take all the credit for that I would recommend this box to everyone I meet.
    Will Goody

CrossFit Iceni
Unit 3A Hawkins Road

07833 448894

Monday - Friday: 0600 - 2100
Saturday: 0830 - 1500
Sunday: 0900 - 1300
Bank Holidays: 0900 - 1400

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© 2021 Iceni Training
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